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Content Marketing

Be easily found at just the right moment.

Being visible isn’t just about being found… it’s about being found at just the right point in the sales cycle. Being found BEFORE the decision is made. Content marketing makes this happen.

It isn’t a new tactic, even though the volume of excitement and chatter makes it seem that way. It’s been a part of public relations forever. Why is it suddenly on everyone’s lips? Because it works. In an age where landing editorial placements via traditional media relations is harder every day, content marketing helps keep that visibility pipeline full.

Not only does it let you become your own publisher, but it’s one of the most SEO-friendly tactics available. Instead of pushy, interruptive tactics heavy on promotion, it allows you to pull in targeted prospects by giving answers to their questions as the evaluate their options.

It’s inbound marketing that helps you be found when they are doing their online homework before a purchase, instead of the old school method of force feeding what you want them to hear, when you want them to hear it.

Advertising still has a place, but it’s just one piece of a diversified budget.

Content marketing is about the consumer, not the brand.

Who am I? 

What makes this work?

It’s all about targeting.

When you combine the right publication, website or blog with the right message tailored to the right target audience, magic happens.

Content marketing helps you get found by the people who matter most to your business.

What sets me apart from less expensive writers?

My powerful background in SEO and public relations turns your content water pistol into an uzzi.

Because I focus on an integrated mix of digital tactics, includingI know how to find out what they’re searching for online, how to land guest blog post opportunities or pitch media, and how to promote the content once it’s published.

Plus, because I’m an award-winning author, you can be confident the quality is high. It’s compelling and it resonates.

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